Prestige Medium Forbidden Rose Dome | Orange Rose

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Vibrant Elegance: Prestige Medium Forbidden Rose Dome with Orange Rose
Step into a world of vivid charm with the Prestige Medium Forbidden Rose Dome, elegantly showcasing an Orange Rose. This captivating display is a perfect blend of energy and elegance, where the bright and lively orange rose is beautifully encased in a clear, medium-sized dome. Ideal for those who appreciate the blend of vivacity and sophistication, this arrangement is a celebration of life’s vibrant moments.

A Display of Radiant Beauty
The medium-sized dome, crafted with precision and clarity, offers a 360-degree view of the Orange Rose, preserving its bold beauty and creating an atmosphere of cheerful elegance. This display is more than a floral arrangement; it’s a testament to the joy and enthusiasm that the orange rose represents, making it a striking piece for any setting.

Symbol of Energy and Warmth
The Orange Rose, with its warm and energetic hue, makes this arrangement an excellent choice for occasions that call for a burst of positivity and warmth. Whether as a heartfelt gift, a token of friendship, or a vibrant addition to a decor collection, the Prestige Medium Forbidden Rose Dome with Orange Rose is sure to brighten any space with its lively charm.

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Weight 3720 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 35 cm
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