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Prestige Black Suede Round Box with Black Roses: A Bold Statement in Elegance Make a bold and luxurious statement with the Prestige Black Suede Round Box featuring exquisite black roses. This striking combination of black suede and deep black blooms creates a captivating display of opulence and sophistication. Opulent Black Suede: A Luxurious Exterior The Prestige Black Suede Round Box boasts a lavish black suede exterior that exudes opulence and refinement. Its velvety texture enhances the allure of the black roses, resulting in a truly elegant presentation. Black Roses: A Unique Expression of Luxury Black roses are a symbol of mystery, elegance, and the extraordinary. Their rare and captivating hue represents the unknown and the enigmatic, making them a unique choice for those who appreciate the exceptional. A Captivating Combination: Prestige Black Suede and Black Roses The pairing of the Prestige Black Suede Round Box with the deep black color of the roses creates a captivating and bold aesthetic. Whether used as a gift or as a centerpiece, this arrangement embodies opulence and individuality.

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Weight 1350 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 30 cm
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