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Basic Single Red Rose in Black Marble Box
Unveil a statement of deep affection with our Basic Single Red Rose in a Black Marble Round Box. This arrangement marries the fiery passion of a lush red rose with the bold sophistication of a black marble-patterned box, creating a powerful expression of love and desire. It’s an ideal gift for making a lasting impression with its blend of classic romance and contemporary style.

Elegance in Contrast
The Basic Single Red Rose in Black Marble Box is a testament to the beauty of contrast. The vivid red of the rose stands out strikingly against the dark, textured backdrop of the marble box, making the bloom even more pronounced and captivating. This minimalist approach to gifting speaks volumes, embodying elegance and intensity in every detail.

A Timeless Symbol for All Romantic Occasions
A red rose is the quintessential symbol of love, and this single rose arrangement is perfect for a wide array of romantic occasions. From anniversaries and Valentine’s Day to a heartfelt surprise on any day, this elegant presentation is a timeless way to express your deepest emotions.

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Weight 490 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 cm
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