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Add the romance of roses to your wedding day décor

What’s a wedding decor without the romance of the few roses,? They are undoubtedly one of the most commonly used yet exuberant elements in wedding decorations. Roses can instantly amp up the look and feel of your wedding, lending their beautiful aromatic fragrance and ethereal beauty to the entire space. The magical infusion of roses in almost every aspect of weddings has made them exceedingly prevalent in decorations. From being etched to the ceilings and spiraled around the chairs to being meticulously placed in table settings and stage decorations, the use of roses in wedding decor is myriad.

Decorate your ceremony arch :

Whether you have your ceremony indoors at a church or outside overlooking the ocean, an arch helps anchor your space. This backdrop begs for wedding decorations, and roses are the perfect fit. The arrangement doesn’t have to be large, either. Centering a cluster of roses or placing blooms off-center creates some added interest for the most beautiful wedding themes. Use coordinating flowers in the bridesmaids’ bouquets to harmonize the elements of your wedding day further.

Upgrade the standard pew bow:

Traditionally, fluffy bows mark the center aisle at a wedding. Spaced every few rows, they provide a lovely corridor for the couple and attendants to walk down, but it’s time to upgrade these markers! Attach mini bouquets featuring roses, berries, and greenery – like eucalyptus – to the pews along the inner aisle. Add a ribbon underneath the arrangement if you want to avoid ditching the bow altogether. Doing so can hide any wire or clips you use to secure the flowers to the pew itself.

Mini rose arrangements for your tables:

Many wedding receptions feature long farm tables, but a single centerpiece works best on round tables. If rectangular staging is what you are going for, take the opportunity to create mini arrangements of blooms in thrift containers, such as vintage bottles. Stretching these small collections down the table’s length allows each guest to have flowers within view. Adding micro arrangements also emphasizes the cozy feeling of gathering and chatting along rustic tables.

Some fresh blooming roses for the entrance :

Want to make sure your entrance decorations are commendable? Then ditch everything and simply drench it in the serenity of roses. Your guests can get instantly smitten by these entry arches festooned with roses. They’re captivating and can immediately double up the charm of your entry walkways. At Sherry Roses, we ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary with our premium quality, long-lasting roses. Get in touch today!

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